New Music! New Video!

That's a wrap! Back in September, Daniel wrote a song, and a mighty fine song it was. We brought it through the long pipeline of pre-production, production, and post, and just last night (June 11th) finished filming its music video! We are SO excited to show everyone the fruits of our labour, and we hope to release it in either late July or early August. Stay tuned!

Current Goings-On

A few of you have been asking where we've gone. The answer is: nowhere! Contrary to the rumours that have been circulating, we have not been on a soul-searching journey in the distant Himalayas. Rather, we've been working hard on our new EP - writing, recording, and having a grand old time. We've got big things happening this summer, so keep an eye peeled!

Songs About Last Night: Another Review

Another review of the new album is in, this time courtesy of Videos and Venues. 

"Overall, the album is phenomenal and I haven’t heard a band this polished in a long long time... the vocals are the first thing I notice and one thing I loved (besides the sound in general) was the passion behind the vocals- it is a rare thing to be able to hear. All of the songs were catchy, well-written and a creative blend of genres. I encourage anyone who likes them to download the album and share with their friends. This band is one to look out for!"

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Songs About Last Night: First Impressions

The first review of Songs About Last Night is in! 

"I’ve heard countless friends complain that there’s nothing good on the radio anymore, but they won’t look for something to fill that void. Well, I’ll serve this one to you on a silver platter. Songs About Last Night is a decidedly cohesive toe-tapper. The Implications have relaunched with a new mission statement: to make you dance."

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